“The Good Part”

(Originally posted May 20, 2018)

Alright, queue AJR’s “The Good Part” and grab a cup of hot chocolate cause the rain can’t seem to go away.
​All to often you hear people say how much better their life will be once they reach a certain point. We’ve all seen “13 going on 30” right? Well if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard someone or even yourself say, “Oh once I get married, then I’ll be happy” or “Once I graduate, then I’ll be able to achieve my dreams” or “Once I make more money, then I will see the world” or whatever if/then statement. What is it that make us feel like only when we reach a certain age or achievement can we truly be happy or successful?
The best part of “The Good Part”  isn’t the money, fame, or success, it’s the hard work that it took to get there. It’s seeing how much you progressed, seeing your late nights studying or practicing truly paid off.  Sometimes it’s the confusion of what you should do in life, the loss of a loved one, failing and feeling humiliated, or your toughest trial, that leads you to the right path. The part that isn’t all glitz and glam. You’ve heard the cheesy statement before, “There is no rainbow without the rain”.  That all time low is what prepares us for the high.
The reason we don’t achieve our dreams, is that we aren’t willing to sit through the dirt long enough to get there. One of my coaches always told me that we all strive for situations that are “low stress, high glory” but those don’t really exist in life.
One thing about being at the bottom is that you can go no where but up. So the next time you feel like you’re at a low, remember that it is only putting you on track to reach that high. In the meantime, enjoy that low. It is not your circumstances that determine happiness, it is your perspective. Any point in your life, can be “The Good Part” if you let it. Because if you just coast through life waiting for “The Good Part” you will constantly find yourself waiting. Even if you happen to reach your goal, it won’t be as sweet, and you’ll create your next if/then statement, over and over again, until you realize that you missed out on the adventures of life, by not enjoying the time you had.
So go out and make every day, “The Good Part” of your life.

Much love and support,
Maria Jo Stephens

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